What is The Elmhurst Titan?

It's your new source for news, information and everything that's important to Elmhurst

That's news

The Elmhurst Titan is a news website devoted to covering the city of Elmhurst.

The word “news” has a lot of different definitions, depending on who you’re talking to, so here’s what it means to the Titan: Anything that happens within the boundaries of the city of Elmhurst that is of interest to the citizens of Elmhurst.

The word “news” has a lot of different definitions, depending on who you’re talking to.

• If a new business opens up, that’s news.

• If a local prep sports team is doing well, that’s news.

• If a local church is planning a major new initiative or outreach campaign, that’s news.

• If the City Council, Park District, school district, etc., is taking an action that affects how much you pay in taxes, that’s news.

• If an Elmhurst resident achieves something noteworthy, that’s news.

• If an Elmhurst family loses their home in a fire, or a landmark business in town burns down, that’s news.

• If there’s a surge in a specific kind of crime in Elmhurst, that’s news.

That doesn’t cover everything you’ll see posted to the Titan, but it’s a good start.

Much more than a website

What about the word “website” in the first sentence of this article? Nowadays, you can’t really exist simply as a website, and that’s true of the Elmhurst Titan, too.

Here are some of the places you can find the Titan, aside from elmhurst-titan.com:

Many people like to get their news from Facebook, so you can find The Elmhurst Titan there, too.

• Via a daily email newsletter, featuring the top stories of the day.

• On Facebook and Twitter, where you can find links to our stories while you’re perusing all your other news and information sources.

• On Instagram, where you can keep an eye on cool photos from around town.

• On Pinterest, where … OK, we’re still figuring out Pinterest.

• On YouTube, where we’ll have videos from around town.