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The Elmhurst Titan is relies mainly on three sources of income to support quality journalism in your community:

Membership support: As a member, you can support quality local journalism in your community and ensure that you’ll always be kept up-to-date on what’s happening in Elmhurst. If you’re interested in learning the benefits of membership, see the section on “Benefits of membership” below.

Online display advertising: As an advertiser, you can reach a 100% local audience for your services and be sure that you’re reaching a crowd that’s engaged and motivated to support the city of Elmhurst. For information on how you can advertise, click here.

Sponsorship of stories: As a sponsor, you can make sure that stories that might otherwise be missed will get the attention they deserve. You can sponsor a single story, a series of stories or an entire category of stories. For information on sponsorship, call 331-209-8471 or email

Benefits of membership

What do you get if you become a member?

• The knowledge that you’re helping to ensure that Elmhurst will continue to receive high-quality local news coverage

• The opportunity to participate in monthly brainstorming sessions

• The opportunity to see pre-release features

• A free entry into Elmhurst Titan contests

• An opportunity to take part in a quarterly luncheon with one or more key community members

So how do I do become a member?

Email with the subject line “MEMBERSHIP” or call 331-209-8471.