Sewer inspections planned for this summer

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ELMHURST – The city of Elmhurst has hired contractor Hoerr Construction, Inc. of Peoria to begin cleaning, video inspecting and lining sanitary and storm sewers in select areas of Elmhurst in the upcoming months, weather permitting.

This annual project is a planned approach to minimize sewer backups and blockages. An innovative process called “Cure in Place Pipe” will be used to reconstruct certain sections of badly deteriorated sewer. This reconstruction will be done without time consuming, expensive and disruptive excavation. Instead of digging up and replacing the old pipeline, the process provides for the insertion of a special lining inside the pipe, creating a new smooth-surfaced, long-lasting pipe within the old sewer. The procedure removes infiltration from the collection system to improve the structural condition of deteriorating pipes in the basin.

This year approximately 15,000 feet (2.8 miles) will be lined in areas identified as a problematic and a major source of infiltration. During annual maintenance, inspections found the sanitary and storm sewer lines to have multiple cracks and pipe defects. If your street is included in this project, a letter will be sent to you in advance with dates the lining will be taking place.

For more information, contact Superintendent of Utilities, Chris Dufort at 630-530-3036 or