Principal’s Award event recognizes D-205 students

Academic performance, exemplary citizenship, overall improvement among criteria used

Principal's Award
Sixteen students from Elmhurst District 205 were recognized April 27 at the annual DuPage IPA Principal's Award regional event. (Photo provided by District 205)

ELMHURST – Sixteen students from Elmhurst District 205 were recognized at the annual DuPage IPA (Illinois Principals’ Association) Principal’s Award regional event, which occurred April 27.

Every spring, the principals in each DuPage County public school are eligible to nominate one or two students from the top grade in their school, typically 5th, 6th, 8th or 12th grades. This recognition can be for academic performance, exemplary citizenship, overall improvement, or another criteria the principal wishes to establish and apply.

The names of the administrators and the students they nominated are as follows:

Field Elementary School (Tammy Poole, principal)

• Adam Fennell

• Braden Richardson

Jackson Elementary School (Ryan Anderson, principal)

• Delaney Butterly

• Arthur Nowak

Jefferson Elementary School (Leslie Weber, principal)

• Sebastian Kranov

• Kathryn Leiman

Lincoln Elementary School (Kathleen Tomei, principal)

• Nico Feldman

• Eva Hlavach

Bryan Middle School (Jacquelyn Discipio, principal)

• Anthony Bauer

• Emily Shea

Churchville Middle School (Gina Pogue Reeder, principal)

• Bryce Bukowski

• David Tith

Sandburg Middle School (Linda Fehrenbacher, principal)

• Andrew Czech

• Ava Hollis

York Community High School (Erin DeLuga, principal, Drew McGuire, assistant principal)

• Morgan Taylor

• Emmanuel Utomi