Policy on anonymous sources

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ELMHURST – The Elmhurst Titan, as a statement of philosophy, will only use anonymous sources when there’s no other way to tell a story of enormous public interest.

Generally, such anonymous information would fall into one of two categories:

• An official source who won’t provide a name on the record; or

• A private individual who can demonstrate that they may come to harm if their name is revealed.

Even if anonymous information is accurate, the concealment of the source can be problematic.

Anyone contacting representatives of The Elmhurst Titan who insists upon absolute anonymity may trust that they shall have absolute anonymity; however, there is no guarantee that the information they provide will ultimately be published.

If the bar for providing anonymity is not met, reporters and editors may make clear to a source that publication of information is contingent upon revealing the source’s identity. If the source will not agree to this disclosure, then publication cannot proceed.

Even if anonymous information is accurate, the concealment of the source can obscure to readers the reason for the release of the information, the wider objectives of the person who has made the disclosure, or any possible impropriety in the course of the release of this information.

Any story published by The Elmhurst Titan that includes anonymous sources will include a link to this page. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to call 331-209-8471 or email admin@elmhurst-titan.com.