IC students attend STEM conference at Argonne

STEM conference
IC Catholic Prep students Amber Lewis (left) and Anna Gendusa attended a STEM conference at Argonne National Lab. (Photo provided by IC Catholic Prep)

ELMHURST – On March 16, two IC Catholic Prep students attended the “Science Careers in Search of Women” Conference at Argonne National Lab.

Sophomore Amber Lewis and junior Anna Gendusa were accepted to participate in the STEM conference according to their aptitude in science and interest in a possible science, technology, engineering or mathematics career.

The students toured the lab facilities, spoke with Argonne’s world-class scientists and engineers, and had the opportunity to get up close to the “super computer.” They also learned about the many STEM career opportunities for women that they might like to pursue.

“This experience gave me a unique insight into all the STEM careers that are available today,” Lewis said. “The career fair and the facility tour allowed me to explore some new areas, and I found it especially interesting to learn just how critical battery and energy research really is.”