Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Column: Fiscally sound budget deal still elusive in Springfield

ELMHURST – I delayed sending my monthly President’s Message (for five days now) in hopes that I could report good news on the Democratic-controlled Illinois General Assembly and Republican... Read more >>
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Column: Take advantage of free trolley to get around...

On June 2 at 12 noon, the Explore Elmhurst Express Trolley will begin its 16-week summer program of providing free trolley rides to residents and visitors traveling between Elmhurst... Read more >>
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Column: Hopes fading for ‘Grand Bargain’ in Springfield

After two legislative trips to Springfield three weeks apart in April, I am now resigned to the likelihood that both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly and first-term Republican... Read more >>
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Column: Lack of contested races supressing voter turnout

ELMHURST – I had an expected, yet still frustrating, experience when I voted Tuesday morning. Most of the races on the ballot were uncontested. The winner was decided long before I... Read more >>

There will be mistakes on this site. Please feel...

ELMHURST – One of my first jobs in the news business was as a copy editor. That meant that I was the last line of defense for catching mistakes.... Read more >>
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A new way to cover local governments and officials

ELMHURST – For the most part, media outlets in the U.S. cover local government by telling you what your officials just did, and what those officials say they're going... Read more >>
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Do journalists and officials need to be adversaries?

ELMHURST – In the course of covering local government in Elmhurst, it's inevitable that at some point, The Elmhurst Titan is going to make someone angry. That doesn't mean we're... Read more >>

Policy on anonymous sources

ELMHURST – The Elmhurst Titan, as a statement of philosophy, will only use anonymous sources when there's no other way to tell a story of enormous public interest. Generally, such... Read more >>


People make mistakes. At The Elmhurst Titan, we take accuracy very seriously and strive to provide an error-free experience. However, omissions and oversights are inevitable. If you find a... Read more >>

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