An invasion of felines: ‘Cats’ comes to Elmhurst

Elmhurst Children's Theatre production enthralls packed auditorium at Bryan Middle School

invasion of felines
The cast of the Elmhurst Children's Theatre production "Cats" perform March 17 at Bryan Middle School. (Elmhurst Titan photo by Dave Lemery)

ELMHURST – There was an invasion of felines Friday at Bryan Middle School, but no one’s allergies were aggravated in the process.

In front of a packed auditorium, a talented cast of youngsters put on a show to remember in an Elmhurst Children’s Theatre production of “Cats.” The cast of 42 kids brought the classic Broadway show, based on the poems of T.S. Eliot, to life as they danced about the stage and belted out a series of musical numbers.

Three more showings are on the docket for “Cats,” at 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday, March 18 and 2 p.m. March 19. Tickets are $8.

The cast

Tumblebumpus: Mallori Hecker

Mungojerrie: Brianna King

Salem: Julie Roberts

Bellapat: Jenna Dolsen

Tantomile: Tessa Olson

Coricopat: Tori Lukas

Cassandra: Olivia Ross

Munkustrap: Mary Latz

Macavity: CeCe Lampa

Alonza: Emma Johnson

Jemima: Lily Crow

Jellylorum: Meagan Maiers

Etcetera: Olivia Rosenberg

Jennyanydots: Kathryn King

Electra: Hayley Sennett

Carbuckety: Heidi Ward

Grizabella: Madeline Miller

Rum Tum Tugger: Calvin Castillo

Gus, The Theater Cat (Asparagus): Charlie Kungl

Deuteronomy: Matthew Billenstein

Rumpleteaser: Rosie Kungl

Quaxo: Grace Stewart

Fuzzywumpus: Emma Vega

Skimbleshanks: Owen Espinosa

George: Luke Milani

Bustopher Jones: Leo Macariola

James: Finnegan Belleau

Mr. Mistoffelees/Nod: Briana Ilg

Jingo: Kennedy Connell

Bomblurina: Laney Toffler

Luna: Sejal Reshmwala

Figaro: Ella Fuentes Guerrero

Demeter: Ava Gecsey

Fiona: Nalani Lucier

Ademetus: Oliver Roy

Sir Pouncival: Ben Plaisted

Mr. Mistoffelees/Blinken: Clare McQuade

Sylvestra: Cate Fennell

Winken: Alma Piazcenza

Victoria: Anna Swiatek

Nermal: Riley Crow

Azreal: Braden Richardson